Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are contracting a rare disease, such as baby's skin is burned down

A boy from South Wales are known to have a rare condition that makes her skin look like victims . His skin was red and blistered as if burned with fire .

Not only his physical appearance , skin new baby 18 months old is too easily scratched and blistered , and feels pain whenever the surrounding temperature changes too warm , or when the skin is rubbed .

The baby was named Geraint Burns , and since birth she has been diagnosed with a rare disease called cutaneous mastocytosis . This condition makes the skin to thicken and easy abrasions or blisters , as reported by the Daily Mail ( 03 / 04 )

Every time this baby out of the house must face the stares of people who thought he was the victim of fire . It was of course also makes the mother, Angharard , became exasperated . Whenever there are people who see them , Angharard be handed leaflets explaining the conditions suffered by his son .

Geraint burns
Geraint Burns

" Scary how everyone gave us a strange look , as if I had already made ​​my baby to be like that , " said Angharard . He further explained that each took his son out of the house , he must open his shirt so as not to feel the heat Geraint and his skin was blistered . Because it's a lot of people who pay attention to them because Geraint skin that looks scuffed and red .

27-year -old woman handed out flyers that read " Hello ! I have a rare skin condition called Diffuse Cutaneous Mastocytosis that makes me feel itchy . If I do not wear clothes , not because she did not take care of me very well , but because it would make my skin blister and not comfortable . condition is not contagious , so do not look at me weird , because it's not polite ! "

When born , Geraint skin is already filled with some sort of blister wounds . Initially doctors thought the baby was exposed to infection . However, they discovered that he had a rare skin condition .

Geraint burns
Geraint infancy

" I was so scared . Thing I wanted was to hug him , but it was certainly painful for the fragile skin . Fact when breastfeeding , everything was difficult because her skin would burn and itch , " said Geraint mother .
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This condition is known to be very severe if left unchecked and can even cause death . Not only in hot temperatures , Geraint also experienced a bad reaction to fruits and vegetables that contain histamine such as strawberries and tomatoes .

Every day Geraint must take medication four times a day . The cause of the disease itself unclear and until now there is no way to cure it .


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