Sunday, April 13, 2014

Galaxy S5 Corrected Harder than the iPhone 5S

Galaxy smartphones from Samsung S5 is available in a number of countries began on 11 April last . In almost the same time , the famous site iFixit disassemble gadgets often have acquired the smart phone and dismantle its components .

Based on search results iFixit quoted by The Inquirer , the site concluded that the new flagship of Samsung 's was relatively difficult to repair , more difficult than the iPhone 5S of Apple and its predecessor , the Galaxy S4 .

On a scale of 10 , the Galaxy S5 scored only " ease of repair " by 5 points . That figure is the lowest for Samsung smartphone ever disassembled by iFixit .

Difficulties fix Galaxy S5 , according to iFixit , caused by the " radical change " in the form of mobile phones behind it is similar to the Galaxy S4 glance .

The display Detachable difficult because the Galaxy S5 Samsung puts the internal components in between the display panel and battery , then coating it with glue .

" ( Galaxy ) S5 is a bit disappointing because Samsung makes it more difficult to repair . ( Galaxy ) and S3 ( Galaxy ) S4 placing the internal components of the unit behind the screen , but the ( Galaxy ) S5 components is sandwiched in a compartment located in between the display and battery , " writes the site .

However, iFixit also noted that the components of the battery on the Galaxy S5 is very easy to be replaced . Similarly, the camera and speaker that can be directly accessed once the screen has been removed .
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In Indonesia alone , the Galaxy S5 has begun handed over to the buyer on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , after a pre-order session between March 19 to April 5. The device is priced at Rp 8.5 million .


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