Thursday, April 17, 2014

Operations Officer Marunda Flats Also yet salaried

Like the janitor in Jakarta , operational officer in the Flats Rent ( Rusunawa ) Marunda complain because it has not received a salary for three months , starting from January 2014 .

Otong , a janitor at the towers Marunda , admitted he and 22 other friends have not received their salaries . "I do not know , anyway entar promise of tomorrow , until now has not been given as well , " he complained in Marunda towers , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

Not just a janitor , a total of 35 security officers also have not received his salary for 3 months .

Worker Coordinator towers Marunda Haposan said , the manager only promised to immediately give money to the operational staff salaries . However , until now they have not money wages to fall .

As a result , sometimes he owed ​​to the owner of the shop in the towers to lend to the operational staff who need money quickly . "Look at it now stall has been lackluster , because diutangin continue , " he said .

Meanwhile , Head of Unit towers Jakarta Region I Office of Housing and Local Government Building Jakarta Maharyadi said it is still awaiting the completion of the administration .
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" Hopefully this week already resolved issue can now again adiministrasinya , " due diligence.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jero: Never There Conventions Vice President, Target Candidates

Democrats will continue to hammer out the agenda of the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the Convention . The party has now dropped to fourth version of the quick count in the elections it will still propose candidates for president and vice president were not candidates in the upcoming presidential election .

" What should I say from the beginning of the convention committee announced that this was the Democratic presidential convention . Convention has never been a vice presidential candidate , the target is a candidate, " said Secretary of the High Council of the Democratic Party Wacik in the office of Vice President , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 / 2014 ) .

Jero said , the results of the Supreme Council and Committee meetings of the Convention on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night , it was agreed to continue the convention agenda . The next stage will be held in Jakarta last debate and final surveys to determine the winner of the convention . Debate and the survey results , said Jero , will be decisive in mobilizing coalition Democratic attitude .

" This is seen , how might we stretcher candidate because of the quick count results can be 10 percent Democrat , later seen , " he said .

Jero added , to carry the candidate , it will garner the support of other parties in order to qualify in the Presidential Election Law . " So be patient , this reporter wanted it quickly . If we do not it wait , " said the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources it .

Previously , the continuation of the Democratic presidential convention in question after the vote the party in this election off target , which is 15 per cent . Based on a quick count Compass , the Democratic Party was fourth with 9.43 percent of the vote . Democrats defeated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( 19.24 percent ) , the Golkar Party ( 15.01 percent ) , and Gerindra ( 11.77 percent ) .
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With the vote , the Chief Executive of the Democrat Party Democrats Syarif Hasan stated to be realistic with only nominate candidates for vice president . However , not a few convention attendees who pushed for the Democratic Party still completing the implementation of the convention .


SMS Anti Tapping World Market Snap Made in Indonesia

Having first launched in Jakarta in November 2013 , this year the service " SMS Guard " Anti Tapping began targeting the world market in May 2014 .

Indoguardika PT Cipta Creative ( ICK ) as the provider of the service was formally operationalize its representative office in Singapore , Thailand , and Vietnam .

" We entered this business niche to provide privacy and security of data warranted , " said President Director of PT ICK , Supreme S Bakti through its official statement on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) in Semarang , Central Java .

He explained that the data security has become a global necessity . Corporations and individuals are increasingly aware of the threat of eavesdropping and data theft by irresponsible parties .
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Currently the most dangerous attack is an attack of data , including the data intercepts the SMS . From the leaked documents former CIA employee Edward Snowden , shows that millions of mobile telecommunications customers , including in Indonesia, monitored and spied on by foreign parties . With certain techniques , foreigners could get a master encryption key .

" In a broader scale , the threat of attack or interception of data to be fatal . Not just violate privacy , but already disturb the sovereignty of a country , "said Agung .

Currently PT ICK are following Defence Services Asia ( DSA ) 2014 in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . DSA event itself is one of the security and defense industry exhibition in the world. This year , the DSA was followed by more than 1000 companies from 44 countries .

Indonesian delegation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense sends 5 state-owned companies and 10 private companies to represent Indonesia .

Of SOEs present PT Dahana , PT Indonesian Aerospace , PT Pindad , PT LEN Industry , and PT Dok Kodja Bahari . While ICK is the only Indonesian company that offers services of Information Technology ( IT ) security or data security .

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammudin Tun Hussein in his opening address said the DSA 2014 , the threat of cyber war is the next defense . The threat is not limited anymore to armed physical attacks , but also attacks the digital data .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Dahlan: I Give All Salaries Minister of SOEs to Ricky

Jakarta - State Enterprises Minister Dahlan Iskan has admitted handing all his salary as a Minister of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) to one of the creators Ricky Elson electric cars .

The purpose Dahlan gave his salary almost been 2 years to Ricky for the man who lived and worked in Japan it would develop electric cars in the country .

" I leave all my salary to Ricky . Because I know , the salary he would have been higher in Japan . Salaries I just pass to him , " said the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises Dahlan in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

Earlier, Ricky admitted receiving all salary earned as SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan every month until now . The total salary given to Ricky Dahlan Rp 19 million per month .
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" I thank the minister salary as a civil servant. He had a salary of Rp 19 million per month , " said Ricky Elson to detikFinance .

Ricky salary earned SOE Minister since May 2012 . " Moon tomorrow exactly 2 years , " said Ricky .

He is a member of the Supervisory son of the creator of lightning cars and electric bike technology . Ricky works antaralain prototype or prototype electric car named Selo and Gendhis .

Ricky explained Dahlan committed beginnings to submit all salary received as Minister of SOEs to him .

On April 30, 2012, he was called Dahlan . At that time there was a conversation about the development of the electric car in Indonesia . After pembicaraam , Dahlan promised to hand over all his salary because Ricky is willing to come back from Japan to develop electric cars nationwide .

" In my 5 months salary immediately receive the minister, " he said .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Galaxy S5 Corrected Harder than the iPhone 5S

Galaxy smartphones from Samsung S5 is available in a number of countries began on 11 April last . In almost the same time , the famous site iFixit disassemble gadgets often have acquired the smart phone and dismantle its components .

Based on search results iFixit quoted by The Inquirer , the site concluded that the new flagship of Samsung 's was relatively difficult to repair , more difficult than the iPhone 5S of Apple and its predecessor , the Galaxy S4 .

On a scale of 10 , the Galaxy S5 scored only " ease of repair " by 5 points . That figure is the lowest for Samsung smartphone ever disassembled by iFixit .

Difficulties fix Galaxy S5 , according to iFixit , caused by the " radical change " in the form of mobile phones behind it is similar to the Galaxy S4 glance .

The display Detachable difficult because the Galaxy S5 Samsung puts the internal components in between the display panel and battery , then coating it with glue .

" ( Galaxy ) S5 is a bit disappointing because Samsung makes it more difficult to repair . ( Galaxy ) and S3 ( Galaxy ) S4 placing the internal components of the unit behind the screen , but the ( Galaxy ) S5 components is sandwiched in a compartment located in between the display and battery , " writes the site .

However, iFixit also noted that the components of the battery on the Galaxy S5 is very easy to be replaced . Similarly, the camera and speaker that can be directly accessed once the screen has been removed .
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In Indonesia alone , the Galaxy S5 has begun handed over to the buyer on Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , after a pre-order session between March 19 to April 5. The device is priced at Rp 8.5 million .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is the World's Largest Mobile

CHICAGO - What do you think the size of the largest mobile phone that ever existed in the world ? If you think the size is still a dozen or dozens of inches , of a great one. The world's largest mobile phone has a size of many meters .

The phone is not a smartphone tablet that has a very wide screen . Nor tablet computer berinci - inch width . There is also embedded cell phone in the car . The phone is just a cell phone feature phone with measures such as shops or roadside stalls .

The phone is made ​​by Samsung , and works with companies named wireless carrier Cricket Wireless . This mobile phone series is Samsung SCH - R450 , but more commonly known as the Samsung Messenger .
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Mobile green is more like a feature phone that has buttons candy bar QWERTY keyboard as well as a giant board . Exact size is 4.5 meters wide , 3.4 meters high and 74 centimeters thick . The panel uses LED screen with a size of 2.27 meters wide , instead of inches longer . Meanwhile, weighed 158.8 pounds . The phone is made ​​of plastic material , wood , and metal .

No, this is not just a phone rakasasa display for reassembly . This giant Samsung Messenger can actually function . Phone can make calls or send SMS . Currently the phone is displayed in the center of the city of Chicago , and anyone can try to operate it . Similarly, as quoted by PhoneArena , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .


If Served, It's JK Solution to the Problem of TKI

Former vice president Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) claimed capable of resolving the problems of migrant workers who are often facing the death penalty . When he served in the period 2016-2020 , there will be a dismissal of labor exploitation abroad .

He said , it needs to be stopped . Because it will only lead to a dilemma for Indonesia . Not to mention those views in the country where the workers work . They assessed would think , the country has always defended the guilty party .

" Indonesia will be stamped , TKI its like killing , but the government is always liberating . Assumption was considered bad for the image of the country , " said JK told Reuters on Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

It is also considered to influence the behavior of the workers there . They did not hesitate to act brutal because the government is ready to defend and liberate them from sanctions and penalties in the country to work .

There is a dilemma that occurs on the issue of migrant workers . Diplomacy must be pursued as a form of humanitarian gesture . But if the crime in question is doing , then it becomes difficult for the government . Despite efforts diyat payment , it is considered not as a solution .

" Is it fair that there are similar cases occurred in Indonesia , but did not get a defense . While abroad , regardless of the money ready to be launched , " he said .
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According to him , the domestic repair work is not difficult . There needs to be infrastructure development evenly so that they get jobs here . TKI should be restrained so as not to go out to the people .