Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jakarta's Golden Triangle Fixed Prima Donna

Golden triangle or golden triangle which includes the corridors Sudirman Jakarta , Brass , and Thamrin are still very attractive and still be excellent , although candidates emerging new commercial center .

The profile and reputation of the golden triangle area of ​​the commercial centers and business coherence has not deterred until today . Even getting shot . Characterized by the growth of the office subsector positive performance indicators .

Among these space vacancy rate declined to 5.6 percent in the first quarter 2014, the rental price change of 2.5 percent and will continue to show a trend to increase to an average 27.28 U.S. dollars , or USD 311 250 per square meter per month and USD 45.4 million per square meter for office space increased by 4.3 percent or strata from the previous quarter .

The price increase will continue because there is no new supply in the first three months of this year and is still active sale and lease transactions .

According to Senior Associate Director and Head of Research & Advisory at Cushman & Wakefield Indonesia , Arief Rahardjo N , a positive trend and demand for rental transaction activity occurs due to business expansion and relocation of tenants . Only , due to limited supply entering the first quarter of 2014 , led to the tenants only get office space with an area under 300 square meters .

" While demand for office space in the transaction and large size can not be met because of the very limited space available in most offices due to the existing high occupancy tigkat namely 94.4 percent , " said Arief to Kompas.com , Tuesday ( 22/04/2014 ) .

Positive performance in the office area of the golden triangle , clearly makes the developers then terpincut compete to build similar properties . Not only with the core business of property developer Lippo Group wide , Sinarmas Land Group and Ciputra Group , but also the earlier developers of non - property -based .

Call it Tiara Marga Trakindo based manufacturing and heavy equipment . Through PT Triyasa Propertindo , they establish offices in the region Gran Rubina Epicentrum development .

Tower I Gran Rubina scheduled to operate in the second half of 2014. Likewise with MSIG Tower , Lippo Brass , The Convergence Indonesiadan Satria Square . So that all the office buildings contribute to the total amount of new supply into 182,000 square feet this year .
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" The number of total office in Jakarta's golden triangle area of ​​far more than other commercial areas . In 2010 alone , the Jakarta CBD office market dominated composition as much as 62 percent , while 38 percent of non - CBD . Figure was the same in 2013 . While until 2016 future composition changed slightly , 61 percent and 39 percent for CBD - CBD untuknon , "said Arief .


Vice PDIP Should Not Competitors Jokowi

Joko Widodo vice presidential candidate should be someone who is not going to threaten his position in the next five years . Political observers Airlangga University Surabaya , Haryadi , said PDI-P should ensure that Jokowi will not competitors in the 2019 presidential election contestation .

Terms are viewed as a fixed price Haryadi to determine Jokowi . " Her partner should certainly not politically threatening people so competitors contestation Jokowi in 2019 , " said Haryadi on Tempo , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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It would be dangerous for Jokowi if their partner can later cultivate political capital for the next five years contestation . Moreover , PDIP stated that this year is the year of the determination . Not only want to bring the president , but also the national leadership . That is , in the next 10 years , there is regeneration of the PDIP will continue Jokowi leadership .

In addition , PDI-P also need to consider the other two conditions , namely similarity and ideological perspectives can complement the shortcomings Jokowi . According to Haryadi , Jokowi does have the experience and knowledge of good micro . However, from the perspective of international macro , Jokowi not strong enough despite having knowledge . Nevertheless , these two conditions can still be negotiated .

Had the vote did not reach the threshold PDIP parliament , then surely the party bearing the bull 's need to cooperate with other parties who have a common vision without reference to the transaction . PDIP was a bit much lowered in rank to determine the idealization of presidential candidates . Inevitably , the strength of which will be invited to work or coalition would want to have portions that are considered strategic . "If that were the case , PDIP little too forced to be pragmatic thinking , " he said .

Vice-presidential candidate can be derived from the other party , PDI-P can also be determined by yourself. Although not willing to name names, but Haryadi said vice presidential candidate Jokowi can also appointed from among professionals PDIP but would not potentially be a competitor Jokowi . " What is clear , even if the other party , its track record should be clean , " he said .

However , later in the second period , we can be sure Jokowi will be paired with the PDI-P cadres who had been prepared to replace him in the next period .

Haryadi also responded positively to the declaration Jokowi in the near future . Not only Jokowi , but also other presidential candidates also must promptly determine each partner . That way , they could immediately consolidate the winning organization and share the role .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

6 Best Applications for Your Android Device

CALIFORNIA - Many applications in Google PlayStore . Some applications offer utility that may need to install to support your work .

Reported Itproportal , Sunday ( 20/04/2014 ) , some of the featured apps could change the way you use your Android device . In addition , some applications available also can monitor the performance of the CPU or network traffic .

Swype Keyboard
This application allows you to get a new way when typing . You just touch the button for the first letter then drag the following letter to the next . This can speed up applications for text input .
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Netgear Wi - Fi Analytics
This free application can show the power of WiFi networks in an area . This application can also show how strong the WiFi signal in your office or home users .

Uninstall Master
Some of the applications in the Google PlayStore offers features to quickly remove the application . Master Uninstall one app that you can count on . Uninstall Master free application allows you to eliminate a few taps ( touch ) .

Astro File Manager with Cloud
This free application can be used to explore the files in your Android device . Besides offering copy function ( copy ) or move (move ) files , this application is also connected to cloud services such as Dropbox or SkyDrive .

Usemon CPU Usage Monitor
This application can show the user RAM , CPU performance and network traffic . CPU Usage Monitor claimed Usemon lightweight , simple and can show graphics performance per core on the CPU .

Dropbox as a pioneer of the idea of the personal cloud service helps you to store data in the cloud storage . This free application can automatically upload any photos you capture through the camera of Android smartphones to cloud storage .


Residents and Travelers Clean Trash on Kuta Beach

Residents and tourists , both domestic and foreign collect three tons of trash along the beach of Kuta , Legian , Seminyak , Jimbaran , and Kedonganan , Badung regency , Bali , Saturday ( 19/04/2014 ) .

Litter clean-up activities facilitated beaches PT Coca - Cola Amatil Indonesia ( CCAI ) , PT Quiksilver Indonesia, and PT Garuda Indonesia was part of an Earth Day which falls annually on 22 April.

" We have a commitment to continue to integrate environmental and social responsibility in every business activity , " said Lovely Triyanti as the Regional Manager of Corporate Affairs PT CCAI East Indonesia .

In these activities , CCAI , Quiksilver , and embrace the Garuda Indonesia hotel located in Kuta Beach area , such as Hard Rock , Harris , Mercure , Grand Inna , and Kuta Paradiso .

Not to forget the surfing community of sports fans , both local and foreign , contribute to the cleanliness of the beach is always crowded by tourists it .

Overall participating in the clean up trash along the 5 kilometer coastline that morning reached 600 people .

" We understand that this program only helps a small part of the overall environmental problem . However we strongly believe in the existence of collaboration between the private sector , government , and society bring the best solution in creating a sustainable future , " said Belle .
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Trash along the coast not only from tourists, but also submissions from several areas around the island of Bali which swept the sea .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Operations Officer Marunda Flats Also yet salaried

Like the janitor in Jakarta , operational officer in the Flats Rent ( Rusunawa ) Marunda complain because it has not received a salary for three months , starting from January 2014 .

Otong , a janitor at the towers Marunda , admitted he and 22 other friends have not received their salaries . "I do not know , anyway entar promise of tomorrow , until now has not been given as well , " he complained in Marunda towers , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

Not just a janitor , a total of 35 security officers also have not received his salary for 3 months .

Worker Coordinator towers Marunda Haposan said , the manager only promised to immediately give money to the operational staff salaries . However , until now they have not money wages to fall .

As a result , sometimes he owed ​​to the owner of the shop in the towers to lend to the operational staff who need money quickly . "Look at it now stall has been lackluster , because diutangin continue , " he said .

Meanwhile , Head of Unit towers Jakarta Region I Office of Housing and Local Government Building Jakarta Maharyadi said it is still awaiting the completion of the administration .
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" Hopefully this week already resolved issue can now again adiministrasinya , " due diligence.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jero: Never There Conventions Vice President, Target Candidates

Democrats will continue to hammer out the agenda of the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the Convention . The party has now dropped to fourth version of the quick count in the elections it will still propose candidates for president and vice president were not candidates in the upcoming presidential election .

" What should I say from the beginning of the convention committee announced that this was the Democratic presidential convention . Convention has never been a vice presidential candidate , the target is a candidate, " said Secretary of the High Council of the Democratic Party Wacik in the office of Vice President , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 / 2014 ) .

Jero said , the results of the Supreme Council and Committee meetings of the Convention on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night , it was agreed to continue the convention agenda . The next stage will be held in Jakarta last debate and final surveys to determine the winner of the convention . Debate and the survey results , said Jero , will be decisive in mobilizing coalition Democratic attitude .

" This is seen , how might we stretcher candidate because of the quick count results can be 10 percent Democrat , later seen , " he said .

Jero added , to carry the candidate , it will garner the support of other parties in order to qualify in the Presidential Election Law . " So be patient , this reporter wanted it quickly . If we do not it wait , " said the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources it .

Previously , the continuation of the Democratic presidential convention in question after the vote the party in this election off target , which is 15 per cent . Based on a quick count Compass , the Democratic Party was fourth with 9.43 percent of the vote . Democrats defeated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( 19.24 percent ) , the Golkar Party ( 15.01 percent ) , and Gerindra ( 11.77 percent ) .
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With the vote , the Chief Executive of the Democrat Party Democrats Syarif Hasan stated to be realistic with only nominate candidates for vice president . However , not a few convention attendees who pushed for the Democratic Party still completing the implementation of the convention .


SMS Anti Tapping World Market Snap Made in Indonesia

Having first launched in Jakarta in November 2013 , this year the service " SMS Guard " Anti Tapping began targeting the world market in May 2014 .

Indoguardika PT Cipta Creative ( ICK ) as the provider of the service was formally operationalize its representative office in Singapore , Thailand , and Vietnam .

" We entered this business niche to provide privacy and security of data warranted , " said President Director of PT ICK , Supreme S Bakti through its official statement on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) in Semarang , Central Java .

He explained that the data security has become a global necessity . Corporations and individuals are increasingly aware of the threat of eavesdropping and data theft by irresponsible parties .
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Currently the most dangerous attack is an attack of data , including the data intercepts the SMS . From the leaked documents former CIA employee Edward Snowden , shows that millions of mobile telecommunications customers , including in Indonesia, monitored and spied on by foreign parties . With certain techniques , foreigners could get a master encryption key .

" In a broader scale , the threat of attack or interception of data to be fatal . Not just violate privacy , but already disturb the sovereignty of a country , "said Agung .

Currently PT ICK are following Defence Services Asia ( DSA ) 2014 in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . DSA event itself is one of the security and defense industry exhibition in the world. This year , the DSA was followed by more than 1000 companies from 44 countries .

Indonesian delegation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense sends 5 state-owned companies and 10 private companies to represent Indonesia .

Of SOEs present PT Dahana , PT Indonesian Aerospace , PT Pindad , PT LEN Industry , and PT Dok Kodja Bahari . While ICK is the only Indonesian company that offers services of Information Technology ( IT ) security or data security .

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammudin Tun Hussein in his opening address said the DSA 2014 , the threat of cyber war is the next defense . The threat is not limited anymore to armed physical attacks , but also attacks the digital data .