Monday, March 31, 2014

This is because Onslaught Two Korean Rises

Action of the two Koreas began to attack each other since the end of last week was really disturbing residents who live on the island of Yeongpyeong Baengnyeon dam . Both islands are located on the border between the two countries that have long been in dispute is the victim of a barrage of artillery fired by North Korea and South Korea .
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According to the USA Today report , the attack was a response of the joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States are routinely held . North Korea assumes military training is done to intimidate them . This action is always culminate in a show of force .

" It has always been the most dangerous time in the region , " said Joel Wit , a senior from the U.S. Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies .

Feeling intimidated , North Korea also fired a number of artillery into the Yellow Sea waters near the two islands . With combat training grounds , North Korea fired about 500 artillery for three hours on Monday . No doubt , South Korea also responded by firing 300 bullets .
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Read: Monday morning is the beginning of a stressful day for the two neighboring countries, but not out of enemies, namely North Korea and South Korea. A letter in the office fax machine spit out the South Korean military carries an important message from the neighbor.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Director General of Protection and Nature Conservation of Endangered Birds Signed FDC

Director General of Protection and Nature Conservation of Endangered Birds Signed FDC
Bogor , INDONESIA - BIRD Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation ( PHKA ) Ministry Darori signed First Day Cover ( FDC ) stamp series of Indonesian Endangered Birds , Birds at the Celebrating Diversity in Indonesia, which was held at the Bogor Botanical Gardens , Sunday, July 15, 2012 . On the occasion, accompanied Darori Mardiastuti Ani ( Chairman of the Board of Burung Indonesia , Bambang Irian ( Vice President of Consignment and Retail PT . Pos Indonesia ) , and Yohanis Widyawan ( Kasubdit Stamps and Philately Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ) .
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In his speech , Darori welcomed the publication of the stamps . According to him , stamps have value and strategic importance as a means of spreading information and awareness to the general public in preserving and appreciate the richness of the natural resources of Indonesia. " Stamp is a medium that has educational value and known by the people of Indonesia and foreign countries, " said Darori .

The Government of Indonesia is committed to meet the target biodiversity conservation conventions by reducing the loss of critical natural habitats , increasing the natural benefits such as ecosystem services , and restoration . " Birds are good indicators in meeting these targets . " Through the regional approach is important for the Birds ( DPB ) , the area requiring priority conservation actions can be identified " said Darori .

For that, go Darori , the Ministry invited the parties to support the conservation and protection of wild birds . Protection here is not only limited to protect the species , but includes also the protection of the area as a natural habitat .

Chairman of the Council of Indonesian Birds Ani Mardiastuti stated that postage is one form of awareness to the public of the existence of wild birds . " Birds Indonesia has launched a series of stamps before the Forest Heritage of Sumatra " said Ani .

Four Indonesian endangered bird species that adorn the stamp is endemic bird species that are endangered in the Wallacea region . The birds are eagles flores ( Nisaetus florist ) , mandar drum ( Habroptila wallacii ) , plop Siau ( Otus siaoensis ) , and bird - honey Sangihe ( Aethopyga duyvenbodei ) .
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Burung Indonesia ( BirdLife Indonesia Association ) is a conservation organization that is part of a global partnership BirdLife International, which consists of independent membership-based organizations in 116 countries around the world .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Indonesian wildlife is now Already Extinct Existence

Indonesia is a country that coined the very rich biodiversity and second to none . A total wildlife species , equivalent to 17 % of animals in the world are also expected in Indonesia , although the vast Indonesian world wide compared to just 1.5 % . However , poaching and deforestation make Indonesia also has a list of animals that have been extinct . As a continuation of the Indonesian animals now extinct ( 1 ) , we will review other animals have also been declared extinct . Here's his review for you .
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tiger - tasmania

Tasmanian tiger habitat once had in New Guinea and Australia . This beast has a special feature in the form of his back that has a striped pattern and shape that is not too resemble tigers in general . Tasmanian tiger is also often referred to as the Tasmanian wolf . The animal was declared extinct in the 20th century because of disease and human disturbance to the habitat .

rat - cave - flores

Flores Cave Rat ( Spelaeomys florensis ) into the rat - tikusan families are identified from subfosil fragments that have been found on the island of Flores .

From the name , Verhoeven 's giant tree rat ( Papgomys theodorverhoeveni ) is a tribe of rats were big and often live in trees . These animals have lived on the island of Flores and has been declared extinct by the IUCN in 1996. Zoologists believe that the animal is already extinct in the year 1500 BC . Subfosil fargmen - fragments have been found on the island of Flores .(see also: pakan burung kacer)

Important cause of extinction of these animals do not escape from the hands of people who make their living habitat is increasingly threatened . Indonesia's forests in the 1950s has an area of ​​162 million hectares now only 138 million hectares . Some even provide data that is more sad and mentions that the forest area in Indonesia is not more than 120 million acres . With the conversion of forest to cropland and housing , other wild animals are also endangered .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Depressed Endangered Species Galapagos Tourism

Galapagos is an archipelago of 13 volcanic islands and rocks located in the Pacific Ocean , approximately 1,000 kilometers north- west coast of South America . Politically , the Galapagos are part of Ecuador . Oldest island approximately four million years old and the youngest is still in the process of formation . Galapagos is one of the most active volcanoes in the world .
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Galapagos is famous for a large number of species endemisnya . The study by Charles Darwin in this place takes on the findings of the theory of natural selection . One of the unique species are the giant Galapagos tortoise , which is hundreds of years old .

Galapagos designated as a nature reserve in 1959 , 97.5 percent of protecting these islands . In 1986 the surrounding oceans declared as marine reserves . UNESCO set Galapagos as a World Heritage Site in 1978 , which was extended in December 2001 to include the marine reserve area . Charles Darwin Foundation is dedicated to the maintenance of these islands was founded in Belgium in 1959 .
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Unfortunately the location of the remote and isolated Galapagos did not make the endangered species that live on this island protected . It is estimated that five percent of the endangered species that exist on the island has become extinct , due to pressure from tourism and other species .