Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jero: Never There Conventions Vice President, Target Candidates

Democrats will continue to hammer out the agenda of the Democratic Party's candidate for President of the Convention . The party has now dropped to fourth version of the quick count in the elections it will still propose candidates for president and vice president were not candidates in the upcoming presidential election .

" What should I say from the beginning of the convention committee announced that this was the Democratic presidential convention . Convention has never been a vice presidential candidate , the target is a candidate, " said Secretary of the High Council of the Democratic Party Wacik in the office of Vice President , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/4 / 2014 ) .

Jero said , the results of the Supreme Council and Committee meetings of the Convention on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night , it was agreed to continue the convention agenda . The next stage will be held in Jakarta last debate and final surveys to determine the winner of the convention . Debate and the survey results , said Jero , will be decisive in mobilizing coalition Democratic attitude .

" This is seen , how might we stretcher candidate because of the quick count results can be 10 percent Democrat , later seen , " he said .

Jero added , to carry the candidate , it will garner the support of other parties in order to qualify in the Presidential Election Law . " So be patient , this reporter wanted it quickly . If we do not it wait , " said the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources it .

Previously , the continuation of the Democratic presidential convention in question after the vote the party in this election off target , which is 15 per cent . Based on a quick count Compass , the Democratic Party was fourth with 9.43 percent of the vote . Democrats defeated the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( 19.24 percent ) , the Golkar Party ( 15.01 percent ) , and Gerindra ( 11.77 percent ) .
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With the vote , the Chief Executive of the Democrat Party Democrats Syarif Hasan stated to be realistic with only nominate candidates for vice president . However , not a few convention attendees who pushed for the Democratic Party still completing the implementation of the convention .


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