Monday, March 31, 2014

This is because Onslaught Two Korean Rises

Action of the two Koreas began to attack each other since the end of last week was really disturbing residents who live on the island of Yeongpyeong Baengnyeon dam . Both islands are located on the border between the two countries that have long been in dispute is the victim of a barrage of artillery fired by North Korea and South Korea .
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According to the USA Today report , the attack was a response of the joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States are routinely held . North Korea assumes military training is done to intimidate them . This action is always culminate in a show of force .

" It has always been the most dangerous time in the region , " said Joel Wit , a senior from the U.S. Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies .

Feeling intimidated , North Korea also fired a number of artillery into the Yellow Sea waters near the two islands . With combat training grounds , North Korea fired about 500 artillery for three hours on Monday . No doubt , South Korea also responded by firing 300 bullets .
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Read: Monday morning is the beginning of a stressful day for the two neighboring countries, but not out of enemies, namely North Korea and South Korea. A letter in the office fax machine spit out the South Korean military carries an important message from the neighbor.

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