Thursday, April 10, 2014

If Served, It's JK Solution to the Problem of TKI

Former vice president Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) claimed capable of resolving the problems of migrant workers who are often facing the death penalty . When he served in the period 2016-2020 , there will be a dismissal of labor exploitation abroad .

He said , it needs to be stopped . Because it will only lead to a dilemma for Indonesia . Not to mention those views in the country where the workers work . They assessed would think , the country has always defended the guilty party .

" Indonesia will be stamped , TKI its like killing , but the government is always liberating . Assumption was considered bad for the image of the country , " said JK told Reuters on Thursday ( 10/4 ) .

It is also considered to influence the behavior of the workers there . They did not hesitate to act brutal because the government is ready to defend and liberate them from sanctions and penalties in the country to work .

There is a dilemma that occurs on the issue of migrant workers . Diplomacy must be pursued as a form of humanitarian gesture . But if the crime in question is doing , then it becomes difficult for the government . Despite efforts diyat payment , it is considered not as a solution .

" Is it fair that there are similar cases occurred in Indonesia , but did not get a defense . While abroad , regardless of the money ready to be launched , " he said .
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According to him , the domestic repair work is not difficult . There needs to be infrastructure development evenly so that they get jobs here . TKI should be restrained so as not to go out to the people .


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