Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is the World's Largest Mobile

CHICAGO - What do you think the size of the largest mobile phone that ever existed in the world ? If you think the size is still a dozen or dozens of inches , of a great one. The world's largest mobile phone has a size of many meters .

The phone is not a smartphone tablet that has a very wide screen . Nor tablet computer berinci - inch width . There is also embedded cell phone in the car . The phone is just a cell phone feature phone with measures such as shops or roadside stalls .

The phone is made ​​by Samsung , and works with companies named wireless carrier Cricket Wireless . This mobile phone series is Samsung SCH - R450 , but more commonly known as the Samsung Messenger .
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Mobile green is more like a feature phone that has buttons candy bar QWERTY keyboard as well as a giant board . Exact size is 4.5 meters wide , 3.4 meters high and 74 centimeters thick . The panel uses LED screen with a size of 2.27 meters wide , instead of inches longer . Meanwhile, weighed 158.8 pounds . The phone is made ​​of plastic material , wood , and metal .

No, this is not just a phone rakasasa display for reassembly . This giant Samsung Messenger can actually function . Phone can make calls or send SMS . Currently the phone is displayed in the center of the city of Chicago , and anyone can try to operate it . Similarly, as quoted by PhoneArena , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) .


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