Thursday, April 17, 2014

Operations Officer Marunda Flats Also yet salaried

Like the janitor in Jakarta , operational officer in the Flats Rent ( Rusunawa ) Marunda complain because it has not received a salary for three months , starting from January 2014 .

Otong , a janitor at the towers Marunda , admitted he and 22 other friends have not received their salaries . "I do not know , anyway entar promise of tomorrow , until now has not been given as well , " he complained in Marunda towers , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

Not just a janitor , a total of 35 security officers also have not received his salary for 3 months .

Worker Coordinator towers Marunda Haposan said , the manager only promised to immediately give money to the operational staff salaries . However , until now they have not money wages to fall .

As a result , sometimes he owed ​​to the owner of the shop in the towers to lend to the operational staff who need money quickly . "Look at it now stall has been lackluster , because diutangin continue , " he said .

Meanwhile , Head of Unit towers Jakarta Region I Office of Housing and Local Government Building Jakarta Maharyadi said it is still awaiting the completion of the administration .
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" Hopefully this week already resolved issue can now again adiministrasinya , " due diligence.


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