Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SMS Anti Tapping World Market Snap Made in Indonesia

Having first launched in Jakarta in November 2013 , this year the service " SMS Guard " Anti Tapping began targeting the world market in May 2014 .

Indoguardika PT Cipta Creative ( ICK ) as the provider of the service was formally operationalize its representative office in Singapore , Thailand , and Vietnam .

" We entered this business niche to provide privacy and security of data warranted , " said President Director of PT ICK , Supreme S Bakti through its official statement on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) in Semarang , Central Java .

He explained that the data security has become a global necessity . Corporations and individuals are increasingly aware of the threat of eavesdropping and data theft by irresponsible parties .
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Currently the most dangerous attack is an attack of data , including the data intercepts the SMS . From the leaked documents former CIA employee Edward Snowden , shows that millions of mobile telecommunications customers , including in Indonesia, monitored and spied on by foreign parties . With certain techniques , foreigners could get a master encryption key .

" In a broader scale , the threat of attack or interception of data to be fatal . Not just violate privacy , but already disturb the sovereignty of a country , "said Agung .

Currently PT ICK are following Defence Services Asia ( DSA ) 2014 in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . DSA event itself is one of the security and defense industry exhibition in the world. This year , the DSA was followed by more than 1000 companies from 44 countries .

Indonesian delegation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Defense sends 5 state-owned companies and 10 private companies to represent Indonesia .

Of SOEs present PT Dahana , PT Indonesian Aerospace , PT Pindad , PT LEN Industry , and PT Dok Kodja Bahari . While ICK is the only Indonesian company that offers services of Information Technology ( IT ) security or data security .

Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammudin Tun Hussein in his opening address said the DSA 2014 , the threat of cyber war is the next defense . The threat is not limited anymore to armed physical attacks , but also attacks the digital data .



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