Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Vice PDIP Should Not Competitors Jokowi

Joko Widodo vice presidential candidate should be someone who is not going to threaten his position in the next five years . Political observers Airlangga University Surabaya , Haryadi , said PDI-P should ensure that Jokowi will not competitors in the 2019 presidential election contestation .

Terms are viewed as a fixed price Haryadi to determine Jokowi . " Her partner should certainly not politically threatening people so competitors contestation Jokowi in 2019 , " said Haryadi on Tempo , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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It would be dangerous for Jokowi if their partner can later cultivate political capital for the next five years contestation . Moreover , PDIP stated that this year is the year of the determination . Not only want to bring the president , but also the national leadership . That is , in the next 10 years , there is regeneration of the PDIP will continue Jokowi leadership .

In addition , PDI-P also need to consider the other two conditions , namely similarity and ideological perspectives can complement the shortcomings Jokowi . According to Haryadi , Jokowi does have the experience and knowledge of good micro . However, from the perspective of international macro , Jokowi not strong enough despite having knowledge . Nevertheless , these two conditions can still be negotiated .

Had the vote did not reach the threshold PDIP parliament , then surely the party bearing the bull 's need to cooperate with other parties who have a common vision without reference to the transaction . PDIP was a bit much lowered in rank to determine the idealization of presidential candidates . Inevitably , the strength of which will be invited to work or coalition would want to have portions that are considered strategic . "If that were the case , PDIP little too forced to be pragmatic thinking , " he said .

Vice-presidential candidate can be derived from the other party , PDI-P can also be determined by yourself. Although not willing to name names, but Haryadi said vice presidential candidate Jokowi can also appointed from among professionals PDIP but would not potentially be a competitor Jokowi . " What is clear , even if the other party , its track record should be clean , " he said .

However , later in the second period , we can be sure Jokowi will be paired with the PDI-P cadres who had been prepared to replace him in the next period .

Haryadi also responded positively to the declaration Jokowi in the near future . Not only Jokowi , but also other presidential candidates also must promptly determine each partner . That way , they could immediately consolidate the winning organization and share the role .


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