Saturday, May 3, 2014

Observer: Indonesia must speak out loudly against Egypt

Observers of Middle East Studies Center , University of Indonesia , Dr. Yon Machmudi said the Indonesian government should speak out against the death penalty against 683 members of the Muslim Brotherhood who handed down the ruling regime of Egypt .

" I think Indonesia as a country that upholds the rule of democracy and human rights should be a strong voice against the barbarians in Egyptian politics , " said an observer from the University of Indonesia Dr. Yon Machmudi who is also the Secretary of the Middle East Studies Center and Islam UI , here on Saturday .

According to him , it was like the Egyptian court decision legalizing genocide committed by the authorities against political opponents . Egypt became the largest criminal penalty if it continues.
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" A total of 683 civilians were sentenced to death at the same time is part of a crime against humanity , crimes against humanity committed by the authorities , " he said .

He said the world must be firmly rejected and condemned such practices and Indonesia as examples of the most democratic country in the Islamic world should be voicing the humanitarian disaster in Egypt .

Government of Indonesia , said the lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities UI , it could garner solidarity among the countries pro- democracy and human rights if forced to isolate Egypt execution was inhumane .

American and European countries , he added , should also strongly condemned what happened in Egypt today . If the world is silent , then the events that threaten humanity of this kind will continue while the human rights defenders helpless .

Yon assess the death penalty against 683 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt shows a tremendous setback democratization in Egypt .

" It's a transition to democracy that could turn into a new authoritarian far more repressive than the previous regime . Currently many countries are trying to abolish the death penalty , in Egypt it showed keditaktorannya by executing hundreds of political opponents , " said Yon Machmudi .

City Criminal Court of El - Minya Egypt , Monday ( 28/4 ) , impose a death sentence to a Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie along with 682 members and sympathizers of the organization that is considered to support the deposed president .

In March of the same sentence be imposed for 529 people , but 492 of whom eventually lowered his sentence to life imprisonment .


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