Thursday, May 22, 2014

No socialization, Residents Protest Cililitan Ciliwung Normalization

Dozens of residents of RT 10 RW 16 in Cililitan , East Jakarta protested workmanship that affect the normalization of the Ciliwung River on land owned by residents , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

The action was done because the heirs of the land was never socialized from the government on the normalization . Bachtiar ( 62 ) , one of the heirs claimed , was disappointed because the work without going through the process pimbicaraan with residents .

" We are not without support from government programs . Just emotion existing procedures and rules as well , " said Bachtiar , told reporters at the site on Thursday afternoon .
( read: burung kenari )

He said he was disappointed because the mounting peg that began three months ago and finally last week , done without the permission of the heirs of land . Peg was put on 1 acre of land owned by the heirs of four people .

The contractor , he added , the new request permission satelah peg mounted . Installation is carried out peg 30 meters from Ciliwung .

" On Sunday they come to ask for permission . 's Just me offended because they come and bring the two forces . As if this what the new order . 's Why I still do not allow , " said Bachtiar .

According to Bachtiar , citizens can not do much and choose to escape in order to avoid disputes . He hopes the government can provide clarity and redress for the workmanship .

" We hope the government can give clarity . Rake Do not play like this , " said Bachtiar .

Other residents , Marwata Hasim ( 42 ) , said it is not supporting the government program to normalize the Ciliwung River . However , if there is an impact on residents' land , he hoped that the procedure is done through first and socialization .

" We support the government's program . 's Just we have to know how long this work and for what , " said Marwata .

Implementing project work , Educate Sustiono admitted his side would discuss the demands of citizens back menggenai . It will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Works ( Ministry of Public Works ) first at 15.00 later .

" The plan we are going to encounter first . We will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Works , " said Didik .

He added that the project will be carried out throughout the normalization of the total 60.5 kilometers of Ciliwung River from TB Simatupang to Manggarai . The workmanship is expected to take 5 months .


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