Sunday, May 18, 2014

C - Gen , Youth Character Shape Through Information and Communication Technology

JAKARTA - Movement Generation C - ( C - gene ) took the comic community to strengthen youth character in order to use the advancement of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) to promote the nation .

" We did continue to run activities to strengthen the character of the youth of the nation where the Youth Pledge Day 100th later in 2028 , the Indonesian Youth can prevail , " the coach said Prof C - Generation . Suhono Harso Supangkat when attending Casual Lecture with the theme " Popular culture and character of Indonesian young people " at Comic Cafe , Jakarta , yesterday .

He explained that the race of making comics and stickers will be a road show to Jakarta , Bandung , Yogyakarta , Surabaya , and Denpasar . The comic makers are expected to provide good stories to build the nation's character .
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He said C - Gen took the comic community for assessing creativity in the arts can help develop the character of young people who struggle with many of ICTs so as not to erode local cultures and can last from a foreign -dominated economic power .

According to him , the C - Gen be the answer turns from ICT developments have changed the lifestyle and behavior of young people . ICT is expected as the connectivity is not just the consumer with the advanced elements of the Creative , Collaboration , and Character

" There should be a container such as C -Gen broadband and cloud computing in order to channel the good information , " he said .

Deputy of Infrastructure Kemenpora Gatot S. Dewa Broto welcomed the positive steps taken by C - Gen where harmonization between youth movement with ICT . " We open at all if the comrades in the telecommunications sector want to actively build youth together , " he said .


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