Sunday, May 11, 2014

Follow Me Telkom Command , Communications and Information Technology Dispute

Jakarta - Talk about blocking the video sharing site Vimeo is still busy until this morning . Even Telkom and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Communications ) had recriminations .

As is known , Vimeo known to be a victim of blocking by Telkom Internet services . It was crowded internet users complained country.

However, as a service provider , Telkom will not run without a command policy . Well , according to Indra Utoyo , Director of IT Solutions & Strategic Portfolio Telkom , blocking of Vimeo as a follow up to the letter of the Trust admin + Communications and Information Technology to all ISPs ( Internet Service Privider ) dated May 9, 2014 .

On Twitter , Indra also post the list of forbidden sites requested to be blocked Trust + Communications and Information Technology . Where in that list there was indeed Vimeo along with a series of other porn sites .
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So what about the communication and information technology ? Surprisingly , the Ministry headed by Tifatul Sembiring was actually denied the existence of blocking Vimeo .


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