Friday, May 23, 2014

ABG 13 Years Arrested At Party Sabu

Police officers arrest police Panakukkang Hendra ( 13 ) at his home in New Road Lorong Adhyaksa V , Village Panakukkang , Makassar because using methamphetamine .

Police mengerebek actors while party colleagues with small methamphetamine . In the raid , Hendra who worked as scavengers arrested along Jamaluddin 49 , which addressed Tamamaung Road , Makassar .

While his other two managed to escape through the back door of the house. In the arrest police seized suspected shabu one package price of 150,000, suction tool / bong , lighters , Pyrex glass was filled with suspected shabu and connective Pyrex silver color red .

Panakukkang police chief , Commissioner Trihambodo said , the child was examined along with Jamaluddin . While the results of the urine test and methamphetamine evidence sent to labfor to be examined .

" It was alleged , to prove the later we wait hasinya of labfor , " said Trihambodo .
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Meanwhile , the academic expert psychologist , Dr. Asniar Khumas , said if the review of psychological due to several factors such as the environment . Children experiencing dissatisfaction , and frustration so try try try .

It happens a lot when the kids were growing up and a sense of want to know what is done by an adult .

" In the case of law , the police must ask , shabu came from where and who influence it . Moreover, the perpetrator was a minor who may be affected and do not know what's what , " said DR Asniar Khumas contacted via phone .


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