Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dwiki Dharmawan Regional Speak with Children

To teach the local language , musician Dwiki Dharmawan ( 47 ) get used in the house with his son -speaking regions , Muhammad Fernanda Dharmawan .

" From childhood , I taught my son Sundanese language . More happy again because at school there Sundanese subjects . Which is why I send him in Tangerang , Jakarta is not because baseball is learning the local language , " he said .

Nanda , son calls Dwiki and singer Ita Purnamasari it , not only to learn the language. He also studied Javanese Surabaya dialect of the mother.
( Read: murai batu )

" In fact he is more porous that the Java language , he- he-he , " he said .

For Dwiki , the introduction of local languages ​​for children is important . In addition to being a way to preserve local languages ​​, the children also learn the cultural values ​​of the nation through local language skills .

Dwiki encountered some time ago stated , Indonesia 's rich vernacular , but some are already extinct . To preserve the local language , he launched the album among other regional language songs .

"If the appearance of the children today to teach them about manners through song , dance and so on , " said Dwiki about events held by the Sun , the combined cross- community psychology profession , musicians , and media , in late April , in Jakarta


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