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Director General of Protection and Nature Conservation of Endangered Birds Signed FDC

Director General of Protection and Nature Conservation of Endangered Birds Signed FDC
Bogor , INDONESIA - BIRD Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation ( PHKA ) Ministry Darori signed First Day Cover ( FDC ) stamp series of Indonesian Endangered Birds , Birds at the Celebrating Diversity in Indonesia, which was held at the Bogor Botanical Gardens , Sunday, July 15, 2012 . On the occasion, accompanied Darori Mardiastuti Ani ( Chairman of the Board of Burung Indonesia , Bambang Irian ( Vice President of Consignment and Retail PT . Pos Indonesia ) , and Yohanis Widyawan ( Kasubdit Stamps and Philately Ministry of Communications and Information Technology ) .
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In his speech , Darori welcomed the publication of the stamps . According to him , stamps have value and strategic importance as a means of spreading information and awareness to the general public in preserving and appreciate the richness of the natural resources of Indonesia. " Stamp is a medium that has educational value and known by the people of Indonesia and foreign countries, " said Darori .

The Government of Indonesia is committed to meet the target biodiversity conservation conventions by reducing the loss of critical natural habitats , increasing the natural benefits such as ecosystem services , and restoration . " Birds are good indicators in meeting these targets . " Through the regional approach is important for the Birds ( DPB ) , the area requiring priority conservation actions can be identified " said Darori .

For that, go Darori , the Ministry invited the parties to support the conservation and protection of wild birds . Protection here is not only limited to protect the species , but includes also the protection of the area as a natural habitat .

Chairman of the Council of Indonesian Birds Ani Mardiastuti stated that postage is one form of awareness to the public of the existence of wild birds . " Birds Indonesia has launched a series of stamps before the Forest Heritage of Sumatra " said Ani .

Four Indonesian endangered bird species that adorn the stamp is endemic bird species that are endangered in the Wallacea region . The birds are eagles flores ( Nisaetus florist ) , mandar drum ( Habroptila wallacii ) , plop Siau ( Otus siaoensis ) , and bird - honey Sangihe ( Aethopyga duyvenbodei ) .
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Burung Indonesia ( BirdLife Indonesia Association ) is a conservation organization that is part of a global partnership BirdLife International, which consists of independent membership-based organizations in 116 countries around the world .


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