Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Syndicated Bank Will Pay for Electric Transmission SOEs Sumatran

Four banks of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) will cooperate to finance the construction of electric transmission in Sumatra . The four banks are PT Bank Mandiri Tbk , PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BRI ) , State Savings Bank Tbk ( BTN ) , and PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BNI ) .

" Wake up you know that electricity transmission . Kan 've found a way how quickly , the 500 KV electric transmission has been like Java . Trans Sumatra So do not fall behind again , " said SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan at BNI Tower , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) .

Dahlan said that , in terms of financing this project not to get loans from abroad . Therefore , it works with state banks and is negotiating financing scheme . State banks and SOEs will be poured financing will act as the contractor 's work .
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Found on the same occasion , Director of BTN Maryono undetermined at this time revealed that the bank will act as the leader of a syndicate . He says the likelihood Regional Development Bank ( BPD ) will be invited to syndicated finance this project .

" Lead it does not . Just because BNI as Chairman of the new joint ( Association of State-Owned Banks ) , so that he can arrange how the division later . Includes later who his lead will be determined later by the BNI , " said Maryono .

Furthermore , Maryono disclose the value of the project is estimated to reach Rp 10 trillion . The process is currently being worked on due diligence or feasibility study .


Monday, May 26, 2014

To the president, Suryadharma Not Feeling Guilty

Suryadharma Ali explains about its performance as a Minister of Religion , especially about the organization of the pilgrimage to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Boediono during a meeting at the presidential palace in Bogor , West Java , on Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

At the meeting , Suryadharma denied he was involved in the organization of the Hajj corruption case as alleged Corruption Eradication Commission .

" He explained the status that has been set by the Commission . Previously , he also reported MORA performance , primarily related to the Hajj , and the things that are alleged to him . He was not guilty and described at length , " said State Secretary Sudi Silalahi when press conference at Bogor Palace .

Although not pleaded guilty , said Sudi , Suryadharma tendered his resignation as a minister . " The President has received the report , " said Sudi .
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Previously , after snared Commission, Suryadharma claimed not plan to resign as minister . He claimed to still think of the hajj 2014. He said he did not understand the substance of the case that trick . He felt the Commission was a misunderstanding .

According to the Commission , Suryadharma is suspected of abusing his authority as a minister in the procurement process of lodging the Hajj , the catering , the pilgrimage , and transportation . Suryadharma also been prevented from traveling abroad .


Friday, May 23, 2014

ABG 13 Years Arrested At Party Sabu

Police officers arrest police Panakukkang Hendra ( 13 ) at his home in New Road Lorong Adhyaksa V , Village Panakukkang , Makassar because using methamphetamine .

Police mengerebek actors while party colleagues with small methamphetamine . In the raid , Hendra who worked as scavengers arrested along Jamaluddin 49 , which addressed Tamamaung Road , Makassar .

While his other two managed to escape through the back door of the house. In the arrest police seized suspected shabu one package price of 150,000, suction tool / bong , lighters , Pyrex glass was filled with suspected shabu and connective Pyrex silver color red .

Panakukkang police chief , Commissioner Trihambodo said , the child was examined along with Jamaluddin . While the results of the urine test and methamphetamine evidence sent to labfor to be examined .

" It was alleged , to prove the later we wait hasinya of labfor , " said Trihambodo .
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Meanwhile , the academic expert psychologist , Dr. Asniar Khumas , said if the review of psychological due to several factors such as the environment . Children experiencing dissatisfaction , and frustration so try try try .

It happens a lot when the kids were growing up and a sense of want to know what is done by an adult .

" In the case of law , the police must ask , shabu came from where and who influence it . Moreover, the perpetrator was a minor who may be affected and do not know what's what , " said DR Asniar Khumas contacted via phone .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

No socialization, Residents Protest Cililitan Ciliwung Normalization

Dozens of residents of RT 10 RW 16 in Cililitan , East Jakarta protested workmanship that affect the normalization of the Ciliwung River on land owned by residents , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

The action was done because the heirs of the land was never socialized from the government on the normalization . Bachtiar ( 62 ) , one of the heirs claimed , was disappointed because the work without going through the process pimbicaraan with residents .

" We are not without support from government programs . Just emotion existing procedures and rules as well , " said Bachtiar , told reporters at the site on Thursday afternoon .
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He said he was disappointed because the mounting peg that began three months ago and finally last week , done without the permission of the heirs of land . Peg was put on 1 acre of land owned by the heirs of four people .

The contractor , he added , the new request permission satelah peg mounted . Installation is carried out peg 30 meters from Ciliwung .

" On Sunday they come to ask for permission . 's Just me offended because they come and bring the two forces . As if this what the new order . 's Why I still do not allow , " said Bachtiar .

According to Bachtiar , citizens can not do much and choose to escape in order to avoid disputes . He hopes the government can provide clarity and redress for the workmanship .

" We hope the government can give clarity . Rake Do not play like this , " said Bachtiar .

Other residents , Marwata Hasim ( 42 ) , said it is not supporting the government program to normalize the Ciliwung River . However , if there is an impact on residents' land , he hoped that the procedure is done through first and socialization .

" We support the government's program . 's Just we have to know how long this work and for what , " said Marwata .

Implementing project work , Educate Sustiono admitted his side would discuss the demands of citizens back menggenai . It will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Works ( Ministry of Public Works ) first at 15.00 later .

" The plan we are going to encounter first . We will coordinate with the Ministry of Public Works , " said Didik .

He added that the project will be carried out throughout the normalization of the total 60.5 kilometers of Ciliwung River from TB Simatupang to Manggarai . The workmanship is expected to take 5 months .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Leave the palace, Hatta Ask Restu duet with Prabowo

Former Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa last time visiting the National Palace in the capacity as part of the United Indonesia Cabinet II , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , to attend the inauguration Chairul replace it .

" I beg your blessing fellow journalists because later today I will declare with Prabowo pack to become a vice president , and later pack Prabowo was a presidential candidate, " said Hatta .
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Hatta also asked for the blessing of the journalists . " We hope everything survived his blessing prayer , good and well , that's it , " he said . As is known , Hatta referred to as the strongest candidate to be the vice presidential candidates for the presidential candidate of Gerindra , Prabowo .

The plan , which will be carried declaration couple Gerindra with the National Mandate Party , the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party will be declared at 14:00 pm in the area of ​​Cempedak Cipinang , East Jakarta . Nevertheless , the Commission planned to new registrations will be done on Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) .

On Tuesday , Prabowo and Hatta plan dhuhur pray together in the mosque Cut Meutia , Menteng , Central Jakarta . They then will come together Proclamation Museum . "There ( Museum Proclamation ) sort of script both our signatures . After that we 'll walk ( to the Commission ) , " said Chairman of the PAN .

Hatta sure he will progress into vice presidential candidates with a vision to build a nation of independent, progressive, just , and prosperous . Indonesian nation , he said , should be aligned with other nations . " Should not we lose and dictated other nation , we should be confident that our nation could become an independent nation . That is the main vision , "said Hatta .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

C - Gen , Youth Character Shape Through Information and Communication Technology

JAKARTA - Movement Generation C - ( C - gene ) took the comic community to strengthen youth character in order to use the advancement of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) to promote the nation .

" We did continue to run activities to strengthen the character of the youth of the nation where the Youth Pledge Day 100th later in 2028 , the Indonesian Youth can prevail , " the coach said Prof C - Generation . Suhono Harso Supangkat when attending Casual Lecture with the theme " Popular culture and character of Indonesian young people " at Comic Cafe , Jakarta , yesterday .

He explained that the race of making comics and stickers will be a road show to Jakarta , Bandung , Yogyakarta , Surabaya , and Denpasar . The comic makers are expected to provide good stories to build the nation's character .
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He said C - Gen took the comic community for assessing creativity in the arts can help develop the character of young people who struggle with many of ICTs so as not to erode local cultures and can last from a foreign -dominated economic power .

According to him , the C - Gen be the answer turns from ICT developments have changed the lifestyle and behavior of young people . ICT is expected as the connectivity is not just the consumer with the advanced elements of the Creative , Collaboration , and Character

" There should be a container such as C -Gen broadband and cloud computing in order to channel the good information , " he said .

Deputy of Infrastructure Kemenpora Gatot S. Dewa Broto welcomed the positive steps taken by C - Gen where harmonization between youth movement with ICT . " We open at all if the comrades in the telecommunications sector want to actively build youth together , " he said .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dwiki Dharmawan Regional Speak with Children

To teach the local language , musician Dwiki Dharmawan ( 47 ) get used in the house with his son -speaking regions , Muhammad Fernanda Dharmawan .

" From childhood , I taught my son Sundanese language . More happy again because at school there Sundanese subjects . Which is why I send him in Tangerang , Jakarta is not because baseball is learning the local language , " he said .

Nanda , son calls Dwiki and singer Ita Purnamasari it , not only to learn the language. He also studied Javanese Surabaya dialect of the mother.
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" In fact he is more porous that the Java language , he- he-he , " he said .

For Dwiki , the introduction of local languages ​​for children is important . In addition to being a way to preserve local languages ​​, the children also learn the cultural values ​​of the nation through local language skills .

Dwiki encountered some time ago stated , Indonesia 's rich vernacular , but some are already extinct . To preserve the local language , he launched the album among other regional language songs .

"If the appearance of the children today to teach them about manners through song , dance and so on , " said Dwiki about events held by the Sun , the combined cross- community psychology profession , musicians , and media , in late April , in Jakarta